Cem Mete
Practice manager, Social Protection and Jobs Global Practice, World Bank
Cem Mete is managing the World Bank global practice on social protection and jobs in the Europe and Central Asia region. All activities on strengthening participatory budgeting in Russia are part of the practice portfolio.

He has an experience in the area of poverty, labor, education, health issues and social protection in South Asia region, and Europe and Central Asia region. He has authored a number of academic articles on these topics, published in the Economics of Education Review, Economic Development and Cultural Review, Health Economics, Population and Development Review among others. Cem is also the lead author of the book titled Economic Implications of Chronic Illness and Disability.

He received a Ph.D. in economics from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Yale University
Nelson Dias
Participatory Budgeting Consultant, World Bank
Consultant to the World Bank for the implementation of the Participatory Budgeting in several Municipalities and regions of Mozambique, Mexico and Russia, and of many municipalities in Portugal. Consultant to the UN and to the Government of Cape Verde for the implementation of PB in four Municipalities and to the Portuguese Government for the implementation of the National Youth Participatory Budgeting. He is coordinator of the Network of Participative Authorities of Portugal. Mr. Dias is the author of several books on participatory budgets including the coordination of the book "Hope for Democracy: 30 years of Participatory Budgeting Worldwide".

Giovanni Allegretti
Senior Researcher at the Centre for Social Studies of Coimbra University, Portugal
Mr. Giovanni Allegretti is an architect, planner and consultant on citizens engagement and participatory processes, senior researcher at the Center for Social Studies of Coimbra University (Portugal). He deals with participatory budgets and interactive planning since 1998. On this subject he wrote several books.

For the mandate 2014-2019 he is co-chair of the Independent Authority for the Promotion of Participation in Tuscany (Italy). He coordinated the international project "EMPATIA: Enabling Multichannel Participation Through ICT Adaptation". As a consultant he worked for the World Bank, the Council of Europe, United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities (SOLAR). As a consultant and trainer about participatory processes, Mr. Allegretti was invited to hold professional courses by several local authorities, in countries such Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Sweden, Portugal, Senegal Reunion Island.
Tarson Núñez
Researcher, Analyst in Political Science at the Economics and Statistics Foundation, Brazil
Mr. Tarson Núñez graduated with a Masters in History and Political Science from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). His experience in participatory politics started in 1993 as the coordinator of the Planning Office (GAPLAN) of the Porto Alegre municipality, managing the Participatory Budgeting process. In 1999 Tarson directed the Department of Urban and Regional Development of the Secretary of Planning of the state government of Rio Grande do Sul, working with Participatory Budgeting at the state level. He also worked as a consultant for projects linked to popular participation for the World Bank and UN-Habitat, as well as projects related to fighting poverty and food security for the UN agency FAO. Mr. Núñez was the coordinator of the Cooperation and International Relations Advisory in the office of state governor Tarso Genro.

He currently works as a research analyst in Political Science at the Economics and Statistics Foundation - FEE of the State of Rio Grande do Sul.

His master dissertation in Political Science is about PB in Porto Alegre, a doctoral thesis is about different forms of participatory democracy in the state level.

Tiago Peixoto
Senior Public Sector Specialist at Governance Global Practice, World Bank
Senior Public Sector Specialist at the World Bank's Governance Global Practice. Prior to his career at the World Bank, Mr. Peixoto led projects and advised a number of organizations, such as the European Commission, the OECD, the UN, the Bertelsmann Foundation, as well as the governments of Brazil and the UK.

Having joined the Bank in 2010, Tiago's activities focus on working with governments to develop solutions for better public policies and services. In addition, he is on the advisory boards of a number of organizations, such as the Participatory Budgeting Project (PBP) and "Our City Thoughts".

Tiago holds a PhD and a Masters in Political Science from the European University Institute, as well as a Masters in Organized Collective Action from Sciences-Po Paris.
Ivan Shulga
Task Team Leader of the Project on Strengthening Participatory (Initiative) Budgeting, World Bank
Ivan Shulga is a Task Team Leader of participatory budgeting projects in Russia and a senior social protection specialist in the World Bank.

Since 2007 Ivan has led dozens of the World Bank initiatives aimed at developing participatory practices and supporting local communities. Specifically, he is a designer of the Russia Local Initiatives Support Program (LISP) – the first and most popular Russia PB model which is currently implemented in over 30 Russia regions. Since 2016 he is a team leader of the joint Russia Ministry of Finance and the World Bank Project on Strengthening Participatory (Initiative) Budgeting in Russia that covers over 50 Russia regions implementing various participatory budgeting (PB) practices.

Ivan holds PhD in Economics; he is a senior researcher in Lomonosov Moscow State University and the author of a number of publications on PB including a chapter in the book "Hope for democracy. 30 Years of Participatory Budgeting Worldwide".

Vladimir Vagin
Head of the Center for Initiative Budgeting «Finances Research Institute», Ministry of Finance of Russian Federation
Aleksandr Beglov
Acting Governor of Saint Petersburg
Aleksei Lavrov
Deputy Minister of Finance of Russian Federation
Alexei Korabelnikov
Chairman of The Committee of Finance, Saint Petersburg

Oleg Pachenkov
Program director of «SREDA» Urban Studies Institute, head of the Center of Applied Research at European University in Saint Petersburg
Natalia Lukianova
Deputy Head of The Committee of Finance, Saint Petersburg
Alexandr Teterdinko
Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, Deputy Chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee and member of the Standing Committee on Urban Economy, Urban Planning and Property Issues
Mikhail Shevelev
Master of Economics, Initiative Budgeting Consultant
Nadezhda Snigireva
architect, expert in participatory design, founder and partner of "Project Group 8"
Lev Shilov
Research fellow, Centre "Res Publica" at EU SPb
Natalia Makovetskaia
Head of Participant Design Department of Strelka Design Bureau
Architect, expert in the field of participatory design.
Engaged youth in the work with the World Heritage in Russia in 2009-2014.
For the last 4 years, she has been working on the involvement of citizens in the development of the urban environment in Strelka Design Bureau.
She held more than 250 public discussions and design games in 50 cities of Russia, as well as in Uzbekistan.

She acted as a mentor in the community-based organizing educational program, and was also a project tutor for architects.

Since 2019, he has been a mentor of cities within the framework of the ASI project "100 city leaders".
Listed among 50 young leaders of the global conference Urban Future.
Anna Kharchenko
Minister of Finance of the Sakhalin Region
She has been coordinating work on regional participatory budgeting projects for over 3 years and oversees the project of openness of the regional budget at the Ministry of Finance of the Sakhalin Region. The main ideologist and developer of advanced Russian practices in the area of participatory budgeting is the Youth Budget Project and the Territorial Development Project (PORT).
She has two higher educations in the technical and financial sphere.
Daria Shorina
Advisor to the Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod Region
Director of the ANO "Institute for Urban Environment Development of the Nizhny Novgorod Region", Director of the ANO Ogorod, Architect, Curator, Specialist in Participatory Design
Sandra Godinho
Director of the Department of Relation with the Citizen and Participation at Lisbon City Council
As Head of the Department is responsible for building a common framework in Lisbon City Council for citizen's engagement in an experimental way using the city as a Lab for new forms of citizen´s engagement. Extending the effects and the methods of the Participatory Budget to other areas of ativity that builds the participation policy of Lisbon.

Responsible for the Citizens Customer Care service of Lisbon City Council for the past seven years, built a multichannel one stop shop for citizens with an active internal (public servants and other departments) and external (citizens, companies and no profit organisations) participation.

Gained a vast experience in simplification and modernization issues, as being part of the City simplification program and also by participating at the national level simplification program.

Till 2007 led several European projets related to equal opportunities and diversity in the work place.
Isabelle Xavier
Head of Citizenship and Participation Department (Cascais Municipality, Portugal)
Miguel Arana Catania
director of the citizen participation project of the Madrid City Council
Miguel Arana Catania is the director of the citizen participation project of the Madrid City Council, where the international participation project Consul is developed. He has worked designing and implementing digital tools and participation strategies in innovation laboratories as Medialab-Prado, European projects such as D-CENT and in different political spaces such as Ahora Madrid or the 15M movement.
Kirill Nikitin
PwC Russia Partner, Government and Public Services Practice Leader.
General Council member of public business organisation Business Russia ("Delovaya Rossiya").
Director of Tax policy center of Faculty of economics, Moscow state university.

Kirill Nikitin actively promotes the idea of introducing participatory budgeting in Moscow.

Alexandra Glazkova
Vice-president HR, PR, corp. marketing, Biocad
Alexandra Heifetz
co-founder, «Cascade»
Daria Savelieva
methodologist on work with teenagers, «Cascade»
Edouard Moreau
Head of Orchestra Bureau
Ilya Khlopov
Head of the projects, Siberian methodology agency for the territory development
Irina Manysheva
Director and founder of non-state private educational institution «Yuventa»
Kirill Novikov
Director, Kodix company
Maria Popritzak
film director
Olga Smirnova
Director of the school of creative industries «Mayak»
Vladimir Grigoryev
Head of the Committee for Urban Development and Architecture of St.Petersburg
Yulia Goncharova
start-up mentor, entrepreneur (Volgograd-Astrakhan-Moscow)
Yuri Berestov
President of Association of smart cities
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